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The most northerly Comic Sans in Britain



I think those keyrings are a tad overpriced.


Greens are oil company shills?

I have to say that as a concept this makes sense. Large parts of the 'Green Movement' may be funded by established oil companies in order to promote the use of natural gas (produced largely by OilCos), obstensibly as an alternative to coal, but in fact as an alternative to nuclear (funny how the greens all hate nuclear, isn't it?).

Read about it here:

I can't see any actual evidence there, but an interesting theory it certainly is.


Bin Laden

So this is what happened, right?



Is it just me or is the traffic godawful so far this week? And is it just me or are the vast majority of problems caused by a small number of utter gimps? Will people have re-learned how to drive after the bank hols by next week? I hope so.


Sinister pigeon


Proving the point

The Independent, 02/04/2011 19:20


Fuel prices

Never mind those charts you see of the 'average' price of fuel; they are normally wrong for the vast majority of people as they give equal weight to little-used expensive petrol stations as they do to the heavily-used cheaper ones. What you want is a chart of actual prices paid, not prices posted on forecourt signs.

Here is such a chart. Each dot represents a tank of diesel put onto one of my business's (small) fleet of vans, and the lorry. I started collecting this data in april 2008, which is where the chart begins. The vast majority of the data points are at reasonably cheap stations around the midlands. There are a few outlying expensive points, mainly caused by someone running empty on a long trip and filling up at a motorway services.

I don't have any data for petrol I'm afraid, putting petrol in vans causes them to break down, so it's something we don't do.


Nuclear disaster severity guide- with helpful car analogy


Geographically accurate tube map

Found here, of all places:

A geographically accurate London Underground map; showing platforms, sidings, crossovers, opening dates etc etc.
Do you wonder where the actual tunnels go, instead of being satisfied that they run somehow between stations X and Y? Then this is for you.
There are also similar maps on that site of the Paris Metro, Barcelona and other places.